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Welcome to the Rust Protection Specialist, master of Rust Protection!
Welcome to the Rust Protection Specialist, master of Rust Protection!
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Welcome to Rostskyddspecialisten, Mästare på rostskydd, master of rust protection!

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Tectyl (inte tuff-kote, dinol, tuffkote, tuff kote, auson, merkasol, noxudol)     Tectyl (inte tuff-kote, dinol, tuffkote, tuff kote, auson, merkasol, noxudol)

Nils Angerstig

Nils Angerstig

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Rostskyddsspecialisten milestones and notes...
1990 Motormannens founded at Smedsbo:  Motormannens is a complete, full service garage, and rust treatment is offered along with other car services. 
1994-09-20 Rostskyddsspecialisten founded: Decision to specialize in rust treatment! Initially, Mercasol 845/831 and Dinol Dinitrol (Tuff-Kote) treatments are used. A long-term study (planned for 3 to 5 years) of various treatments available in Sweden is undertaken. The objective is to determine the best protectant and best methodology available for protecting customer vehicles from rust and corrosion over a long term and determine the optimum procedure (not the "cheapest" or most "profitable" methods, which are already well-known).

Bought Bilvårdsspecialisten rust treatment assets (Tuff-Kote Dinol) in Uppsala.  Began an additional study of the Tuff-Kote Dinol treatment method.

1995 New Service: Free loaner car for customer is provided for use while their car is being treated at Rostskyddsspecialisten.  Bought additional Tuff-Kote Dinol assets, though Rostskyddsspecialisten is still independent.
1996 Auson Noxudol and Valvoline Tectyl were added to the study and testing. Tectyl looked promising because of it's excellent flow and protection characteristics. It is used by the German Army on all trucks, and many major companies, such as McDonnell Douglas and Boeing Aircraft. 
1997 Rostskyddsspecialisten to remain independent:  Rejected various lucrative offers to join large chain rust protection companies. Decided to remain independent primarily to retain the freedom to offer the best rust treatment available, with no contractual obligations to use substandard methods or inferior products. 
1998 FOUR-YEAR STUDY COMPLETED!  After a four years of non-biased testing, examination, and objective comparison of all treatments available in Sweden, Valvoline Tectyl is selected as the protectant for future rust treatment at Rostskyddsspecialisten.  Other major treatments parametrically tested during this study were Mercasol, (Tuff-Kote) Dinol Dinitrol, Auson Noxudol, and Teroson.

A four-layer process (developed by Rostskyddsspecialisten in concert with representatives from protectant manufacturers) has proven most effective. This process requires a first layer of chemically compatible penetrating (thin) Tectyl, followed by three moderate applications of thick Tectyl from three different spray directions (with drying between each layer) to eliminate spray shadowing and better rust protection.  On a rust-free, chemically neutral surface (which can be obtained with aqua-sandblasting and mechanical rust removal), even an older car can expect to remain rust-free for at least five years.

A major conclusion of this independent study is that methodology is a prime factor in successfully defending customer vehicles against the ravages of rust and corrosion, especially over a four to six year period after treatment is applied.  This means the actual procedure used in application of rust protection is critical!

Another fundamental conclusion is that despite the additional labor & cost, rust must be removed before applying protectant. This independently confirms the manufacturer's recommendations to apply rust protectant to clean, chemically compatible and thermally controlled surfaces.  It also raises serious questions about any company that refuses to offer rust removal, even as an option!

Based on the results of this exhaustive study, Rostskyddsspecialisten will confidently offer a 6-year warranty on all cars treated, which is something that no other company in Sweden currently offers.  Perhaps a small, high-quality, independent company can contribute to raising the standard of rust protection in Sweden!

Note: The state of the art in rust protection will continue to be independently reviewed as technology improves. The objective is to provide customers with the best possible rust protection.
2000-09-09 Website opens!   The Rostskyddsspecialisten website,, is now completed and fully operational!
2000-10-18 Based on feedback, a News section was added, which contains rust protection-related articles from the media.
2002 A four-year follow up mini-study is conducted on the hundreds of cars treated with the Rostskyddsspecialisten method. Even older, rusted cars have remained rust-free when treated with the Rostskyddsspecialisten procedure using four layer Tectyl.  As established in the 1998 study, key factors to defeat rust and corrosion are proper surface preparation, skillful protectant application, and relentless dedication to correct procedure.


Based on input from our international clientele, we will add multilingual content to the website.  Most pages will be available in Swedish or English, and a flag icon can be clicked to easily switch between the languages. 
Note: Paperwork & warranty will remain in Swedish.

New service: Since most customers cannot be present during the 3 to 5 days it takes to treat most cars, we have purchased cutting edge electronics and software to take and process digital photos during actual treatment of each car, and we now provide photos on CD-ROM to each customer... free of charge!  Rostskyddsspecialisten is the first (and only) rust treatment company in the world to offer this high-tech digital benefit to all its valued customers! 

At Rostskyddsspecialisten, customers are always welcome to watch work in progress.  In fact, we believe it is the right of each customer to see the value they receive for their hard earned money, and we at Rostskyddsspecialisten enjoy leading Sweden to a higher standard of rust treatment!


New website domains added: now the much shorter domain name of will be used by Rostskyddsspecialisten. Also, will become operation in June.
Note: The domain will continue to work, but the primary is now
2003-06-10 The website is now completely updated, and contains extensive information and real examples of treatment methods at Rostskyddsspecialisten. The site has a new 3-D user look, including a quick-access site menu available on each page. Major new sections, such as "Closer Look: Behind the Scenes" have been added, containing over 80 photos and accompanying descriptions.  A suggestion to implement a customer comparison checklist is planned for later this month.
2005-08-22 Website updated -- Rostskyddsspecialisten offers much less expensive treatment than others, while delivering far superior treatment and outstanding customer service, including at-cost loaner vehicle (others charge 600 kr -- if they even have one available!).
2006-07-25 Website updated -- New services, including Pickup Truck and Van protection, and new sandblasting, undercoating, and custom paint color options.
2006-09-25 Rostskyddsspecialisten expands - New 3rd generation car treatment bay completed.
2006-10-29 Website updated -- New services added, some pages streamlined, content added, and navigation improved.
2007-01-01 New domain name!  The new year rings in our new domain name:  By the end of 2007, this will become the primary address for the Rostskyddsspecialisten, although and of course will still be functional as secondary addresses.
2007-04-22 Major testing and design effort results in the most advanced rust treatment bay in Northern Europe, our 4th generation.   Literally groundbreaking innovations include integrated hot air drying, environmentally friendly waste separation and recovery, aqua/sand cleaning & treatment, and increased vehicle size accomodation.  Existing bays will be upgraded to this 4th generation standard.
2007-10-23 Website updated -- New E-4 North Uppsala exit complete; saves 10 minutes in driving time from Stockholm to Smedsbo Gård! New maps and directions added, including a high-resolution PDF with integrated driving instructions in both Swedish and English.
2008-11-20 Website updated -- New features: Car Gallery, Guestbook, Feedback.
2008-12-15 Christmas 2008!
2009-02-15 Website addition -- GPS: N 59 54' 05" / E 17 23' 31"
2009-11-30 Website addition -- new map, and easy driving directions.
2009-12-25 New e-mail service: customer car photo e-mail progress updates.
2010-04-22 20 years service in Sverige and Uppsala -world's best rust protection specialist!
2010-05-30 Website addition -- new functions.
2011-02-14 Website addition -- new guestbook.
2011-09-03 Website addition --more additions to customer cars database.
2012-06-06 Extended the warranty from 6 to 8 years! The best in Europe!
2013-08-01 Extended the warranty from 8 to 10 years! The best in the entire World!
2014-01-01 24 years service in Sweden!
2014-03-01 New website additions.

Also added new services #4 - #7:
#4. Brake caliper casings & brake protection shields
#5. Engine / Automatic Transmission pans
#6. Driveshafts
#7. Rear bumper
2014-04-29 Website improvements, icons, maps, features.
2014-05-01 New! Rostskyddsspecialisten Forums.

Features include:
* Modern new Forum
* Members can set forum to Swedish or English in their custom profile
* Private Messages (PMs)
* Registered Customer recognition and rewards
* Member uploads (files, photos, documents)
* Direct discussions about rust protection, issues, experiences
* Off-Topic (OT) Forum for discussions outside rust protection issues
* Forum also replaces older website features of Guestbook, Feedback.

Some Forums (and direct links to them) include:
Announcements & News
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Rostskyddsspecialisten Services
Specific Vehicles
Rostskyddsspecialisten Customer Experiences
Other Rust/Corrosion Discussion
Off Topic
Feedback & Suggestions


The Rostskyddsspecialisten Guaranty

. 10 years Guaranty !!


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Tectyl (inte tuff-kote, dinol, tuffkote, tuff kote, auson, merkasol, noxudol)

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