Rostskydd - rust protection rust proofing car: Tectyl Tuff-Kote Dinol in Uppsala Stockholm
Welcome to the Rust Protection Specialist, master of Rust Protection!
Welcome to the Rust Protection Specialist, master of Rust Protection!
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Welcome to Rostskyddspecialisten, Mästare på rostskydd, master of rust protection!

Checklist: Compare for yourself!

Compare for yourself... Rostskydds-
Other 1 Other 2
1. Tires removed during treatment? Yes Yes  
2. All plastic (guards, flaps, covers, plugs, etc.) removed during treatment? Yes No!  
3. Clean dirt, salt, grime from underbody?  Yes Yes (?)  
4. Dry with heated air machine after each step? Yes No!  
5. Can Sandblast to bare metal? Yes No!  
6. Can Remove rust before treatment? Yes! No, Never!  
7. Can Prime/Paint underbody? Yes No, Never!  
8. Undercoat with chemically compatible penetrating thin protectant Yes No, Never!  
9. Protect interior of doors & frame Yes ?? Yes (?)  
10. Multiple coats of primary (thick) underbody protectant? Yes No!  
11. Treat application/access holes in your car? Yes No!  
12. Return clean car with stable (non-leaking!) rust treatment? Yes No!  
13. 10 Year Warranty on all cars? Yes! No!  
14. Use the best rust protectant? Yes ??  
15. Full exterior carwash? Yes No!  
16. E-mail progress photos of your car during treatment? Yes No, Never!  
17. CD-ROM digital documentation photos of your car's treatment? Yes No, Never!  
18. Customer allowed to watch any/all treatment? Yes No!  
19. Price of loaner vehicle to use while your car is treated? (At cost!) 100 kr ??  
20. Same company in business for 24+ years? Yes No!  
21. Digital internet archives photos of car treatments? Yes No, Never!  
22. Can sandblast & custom paint your rusty brake calipers to Ferrari-red ? Yes No, Never!  
23. Can sandblast, treat, paint engine pan, transmission pans, and driveshafts? Yes No, Never!  
24. Can remove rear bumper and treat interiors? Yes No, Never!  

rostskyddsbehandling  Nils Angerstig                             map & directions
Smedsbo 755 92 Uppsala  •  Tel. 018-36 20 20  •  Mob. 0705-36 20 20       

Tectyl (inte tuff-kote, dinol, tuffkote, tuff kote, auson, merkasol, noxudol)

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